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Use ADing PowerAlarm to quickly see the status of the laptop’s battery. You can view the life of the battery over time, and set up a sound alert to go off when the battery is almost depleted. ADing PowerAlarm is a windows based software, which makes installation simple. To use ADing PowerAlarm you will need to install a drivers (in the supplied package), and then a file containing the software and its program files. Once the installation is completed you will find the software’s program files in C:\Program Files\ADing Software LLC\AdvancedLaptopBattery. It is a good idea to have your own notification sounds, and a suitable directory for this, as it is possible to set them all up at the same time, making the installation of ADing PowerAlarm simple. You will need a sound card, and drivers to get the program up and running. ADing PowerAlarm Features: Self-explanatory. No configuration necessary for use. Every change is easy to revert, using just a few simple clicks. A useful tool for both experienced and novice users alike. Setting up your own sound alerts is easy to do. Supported devices and operating systems: Windows 98/2000/XP/2003 Windows Vista Mac OS X The program is an up to date, fully-working utility. We have tested it on Windows Vista and Windows XP, and it has proven to work flawlessly. It was easy to install, the package didn’t pose any problems, and we didn’t have to update any files. Installation and running of the software takes seconds, you will need to transfer the software to your own hard drive. Here are the main features you can expect from the program, setting up alarms and setting up notification sounds is easy to do. Main window A nice and easy to use interface for viewing the battery’s status. You can configure the time frame at which to display the status, along with setting up an audio alarm when the battery is almost empty. The main window of the software is a very simple interface, which is designed for convenient use. It allows you to see the charge and depletion status of your laptop’s battery. This requires a basic knowledge of computers, as it is possible to configure a few parameters that make ADing PowerAlarm very efficient. First of all, you will a5204a7ec7

Keeping a track of the battery’s status on your laptop is a difficult job, that’s why ADing Power Alarm developers have made it easier by enabling users to set the exact time at which to sound the alarm to notify them when their battery is about to go dead. What's New in Version 2.1: (Fixed) Bug: After adding new default power source, the application would prompt the power source name to "close". (Other) improvement: The application no longer prompts the system to add a new default power source. Read more Download ADing Power Alarm 2.1 SPAM Fighter is software used to fight SPAM and filter out unwanted bulk emails that make up the bulk of the email we receive every day. It is the most powerful system offered that filters, cleans, creates virus and web searches. It allows you to remove the unwanted accounts you don't want to see in your inbox. Spam Fighter is a free to use spam/virus filter for email. It is full of filters that will make sure your email is not filled with email that can be converted to spam. Spam Fighter has features that will help clean up a person's inbox, including one that lets you remove only the emails you want and leave the rest. Using Spam Fighter is a breeze because it has a wizard-like interface that will walk a person through the whole process of cleaning up unwanted mail in order to keep it away from their Inbox. You will also be able to check the Spam Fighter application's website and see if there are any updates that have been made to it. Download Spam Fighter SYMSETS is a powerful custom field plugin for Joomla 2.5 which allows you to create different sets of fields. This tool is one of the best Joomla plugins which gives you lots of extensions. SYMSETS extension does allow user to create more than one set of fields. Each set can be called'symbol' by a simple click and then each field can also be called in a symbol by a click of a button. The plugin has got many features, eg: you can set a random time in the future and add or delete fields at any point of time. This feature will be useful for newsletters, etc. More Information SYMSETS Overview ANTIVIRUS: Antivirus is designed to keep you safe and secure online. It protects your computer from damaging malware and Web threats. You

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