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Hour-long games  are fully customizable, built to suit the demographics and experience-levels of your group and your needs. We’ve collaborated with universities, businesses, and families all over the country to bring entertainment to Happy Hour. We are happy to work with you to suit your event need. Packages and Discounts available.

Happy Hour
Study Group
Social Gathering

Missing the camaraderie of the office?
Need a way to bolster morale? 

Book a Trivia Night for your office today. 
Take the stress off of finding activities for your employees or colleagues. Just schedule, log in, and enjoy mixing it up with a fun and casual game of trivia.


Does Susan from accounting know
about 80s movies? Is Dan from PR
hiding a secret passion for Twilight?
Today's the day you find out.

"While we’re working remotely, my team had begun to miss the fun, informal ways we interact in person at the office — and we were all growing a bit Zoomed out. But an hourlong trivia contest hosted by Thomas Todd reminded us how much we enjoy being together and helped us turn a Zoom meeting into an energy boosting experience! I highly recommend engaging Thomas as a trivia host for your next work event or to liven up a virtual hangout with your friends."

-Carrie Johnson, Staff member at a
prominent global university based in Cambridge, Massachusetts 


Need to keep over some active
student brains occupied? Need a fun icebreaker for a new class?

Get your class together for a Trivia Night. Topics can be customized to fit your group dynamics, from 80s babies finishing up their postgrad work to 00s kids experiencing college life for the first time. 

Students will get a kick out of our quiz,
and you'll get rave reviews without
having to inflate their grades. 

"Thomas is the pinnacle of trivia hosts.
Not only does he create a competitive and thoughtful environment, but he's able to connect with the audience and make them feel engaged with not only the trivia but the people around them. Every student who went to TTodd trivia left with new knowledge, stronger connections, and a newfound appreciation for the entertainers who have pivoted so well in this day and age."

-Isaiah D., Student Coordinator


Are you finding it difficult to entertain
clients with social distancing in effect?
Do you need to bring people together
from across the country? 

Let's play some trivia! It's a fun,
interactive way for people to get to know each other. Gone are the days of "it's who
you know", now "it's what you know". 

Book today and reap the benefits
of a fun, no-frills event that will get
your clients talking.

“Working with Thomas really helped bring members of our practice together globally, fostering connectivity and a sense of belonging. I plan to continue working with Thomas even after we emerge from social distancing as his trivia events have really brought us closer.”

-Anupam Shome, Associate Partner, 
Global Strategy Consulting Firm  

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